Monday, September 22, 2014


Circular breathing is a blowing technique used in playing some wind instruments to produce a continuous tone without interruption. The technique is by breathing in through the nose while simultaneously pushing air out through the mouth using air stored in the cheeks. It is used extensively in playing the didgeridoos.

Circular breathing is a blowing technique that would scare didgeridoo beginners. Didgeridoo is a wonderful wind instrument where circular breathing is employed while playing with it. Keep on practicing and of course this will be a boring session but not to give up. You may refer to some established didgeridoo websites where they professionally explaining and demonstrating the blowing techniques. With a little continuous effort, circular breathing technique will soon be mastered and you will feel very happy as you have done a very essential part in didgeridoo playing. When I was at my early stage of learning to circular breathing, I got really frustrated and I almost gave up playing didgeridoo. My son could circular breathing really good in just a short time, what a challenge. I soon restarted again and found out that circular breathing was not as difficult as we might think.  

Circular breathing is a technique whereby the didgeridoo is blown with the air from your lungs, slightly before all the air are being used up, quickly inhale through the nose and reserved the air in your cheek. Used the reserved air at appropriate time and this will appear as a continuous stream of blowing. 

The picture below illustrates the technique of circular breathing. First, blow the air from your lungs and then inhale air through the nose and reserved it in the cheek and blow it out. Again, use the air from the lungs and the process restarts again in a continuous manner. Simple, isn’t it? Remember the old saying “practice makes perfect”.  

To practice circular breathing, I would suggest you to record the sounds produced in you cell phone (the most available recording device), study the sound and repeat the cycle until you’re really satisfied of what you’re doing. Played the recordings to your friends and let them comment. Do not hesitate when the comments will not please you. This is the challenge to a beginner didgeridoo player. Further explanation on circular breathing is shown in the graphic below.

A – Blow the air from your lungs
B – While blowing, inhale in air through the nostrils, reserved the air in the cheek

C – Blow the air from the lungs, repeat the cycles

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