Monday, July 25, 2011

Didgeridoo Busking at Shah Alam Flea Market

Last Sunday (24/7/11) I received a phone call from Mr. Fahmi informing that he'll be coming to visit me at Shah Alam (Shah Alam Flea Market). No objection, moreover, I was eager to meet one of the finest didgeridoo players in the country. At about noon, he appeared and surprisingly, he was not coming alone but he was accompanied by an army of didgeridoo players with well equipped weapons ( didgeridoos, djembe, guitar and all those little instruments which I didn't even know the names).

Besides visiting me, they had something else in mind, didgeridoo busking! Fortunately, there was a vacant space infront of the my stall where they could blow their horns and drum. Just after they started blowing the didgeridoos, I hardly seen them performing, the view was blocked by a crowd of music lovers. Wonderful! They really played beautiful music.

Viewing through the crowds
A full view of the group


Mr. Fahmi in green T
I salute them for their entertaining music and I wish they could come again and let the people out there know what didgeridoo is all about.